Elvis Asong


Zilefac Elvis Asong joined the Global Institute for Water Security in June 2012 to pursue a PhD. He holds a BSc. with honours in Physical Geography (2008) from the University of Buea, Cameroon, and a Masters in Water Resources Engineering (2010) from Lund University, Sweden. He worked as a consulting hydrologist at COWI A/S Demark in 2011. His research interests include the impact of climate change on hydrological regimes and water resources; downscaling of AOGCM output; regional flood frequency analysis; seasonal hydrological forecast; drought research; weather generation for water and agricultural applications. He obtained his PhD in December 2015 and received the Best Doctoral Thesis Award in Water Security Researchfrom the GIWS. At present, as a postdoctoral fellow at GIWS, he is contributing to the Canadian Changing Cold Region Network large-scale hydrological modeling team by evaluating the recently released Global Precipitation Measurement estimates over Southern Canada against ground precipitation observations.